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Smoke Town Novel

The city of Leiodare is unlike any other in the post-climate change United States. Within its boundaries, birds are outlawed and what was once a crater in Appalachia is now a tropical, glittering metropolis where Anna Armour is waiting.

An artist by passion and a factory worker by trade, Anna is a woman of special gifts. She has chosen this beautiful, traumatized city to wait for the woman she’s lost, the one she believes can save her from her troubled past and uncertain future.


Starting Friction

Starting Friction

On the off chance you may have woken up this morning thinking to yourself, “Hey you know what I need? Poetry, gods above! Yes, poetry. Of course! That’s what’s been missing!”
Should this be the case you’re in luck. Starting Friction is out. And you know what’s in it? Poetry. (Also some short prose.) (more…)