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R/evolution and Smoketown Ebooks Up at Weightless Books

Just in time for Fat Tuesday, both novels are up on the wonderful Weightless Books , home of some amazing writing and all is DRM-free! For more about Weightless check out this PW article

R/evolution Review up at Future Fire

Future Fire has posted a very thorough and engaging review by Kate Onyett. Here are the highlights:

“The scope of this series of interconnected tales is nothing short of epic. A stylishly presented larger tale covering the state of the USA as it turns upon a near-future of decreasing resources and heavy social unrest. Thematically, this is not a frivolous book; it is politically driven with strong views on racial and social discrimination . . . The book moves at a feisty pace, the content is uncompromising and marvellously lacking in over-sentimental fluff. This is a thought-provoking, moving and clever piece of writing, which seems to shift the turn with definite sense of musicality; a symphony of meanings. I was intrigued and challenged. Highly recommended.”

“Only Then Can I Sleep” in Love and Darker Passions

“Only Then Can I Sleep,” a short dark fantasy story about what one will do for love will be published in the upcoming anthology Love and Darker Passions out soon. I’ll update with exact publications info as soon as I can.