“The Taken” in Dark Dreams III

Whispers in the Night

The Taken, a short story, is now available as part of Whispers in the Night: Dark Dreams III collection.

African-American horror writer and editor Massey has another slam dunk with his third Dark Dreams anthology (after 2006’s Voices from the Other Side). Outstanding stories by returning contributors include Tananarive Due’s Summer, exploring a toddler’s eerie possession; Robert Fleming’s The Wasp, a heartbreaking portrait of an abused wife; Chesya Burke’s My Sister’s Keeper, examining a sister’s terrifying choice; and the best of the bunch, Terence Taylor’s brilliant discussion of racism, friendship and Hurricane Katrina in WET PAIN. Bright newcomers’ tales include Lexi Davis’s hilarious cautionary tale about bad brothas, Are You My Daddy?; Randy Walker’s obsessive-compulsive To Get Bread and Butter; and Tenea Johnson’s provocative meditation on revenge, The Taken. In Massey’s introduction, he hopes someday any black writer can pen a tale of horror and suspense… without being likened to being merely a black version of a white author, without being viewed with suspicion or even fear. In the meantime, this excellent series continues to fill a now shrinking void. (July)

– Publisher’s Weekly